Eco. Smart.
Art. Biomimetic.


Our projects emerge from landscapes, giving life to spaces and experiences that reflect a profound philosophy of life.

We specialise in creating innovative and sustainable architectural solutions that embody the unique spirit of Bali, with our mission focused on producing outstanding, functional spaces that augment the life quality of their inhabitants, through synergistic blend of nature and advanced technology.

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At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to excellence, demonstrated through our team's considerable experience in constructing future-focused villages, unique residences, and superior villas and apartments.

By harnessing our deep understanding of the challenges in the civil engineering and construction industry, including geographic diversity and public visibility, we deliver unparalleled technical expertise.

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We apply principles of bionic architecture, a movement that draws inspiration from biological organisms to create expressive, self-sufficient buildings that integrate with their surroundings.

Inspire Collective

Meet our team of seasoned professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, bringing together wealth of knowledge in architecture, design, construction, and engineering.

Leonid Kozlov

Co-Founder, CEO

Pavel Osokin

Co-Founder, Business Development

Stanislav Nikolaev

Co-Founder, Chief Architect

Tim Sokolovsky

Head of Marketing & PR

Leveraging our deep understanding of the complex interactions between form, material, and structure, we craft futuristic villages, unique residences, villas, and apartments.


Who we are

Over 100 years of combined experience in architecture, construction, and engineering, with numerous projects around the world.

Our mission

Fulfillment of unique projects featuring modern bionic architecture along with highly advanced engineering technologies.

Core values

Prioritisation of human well-being, through the creation of beautiful, sustainable spaces made of eco-friendly materials.

Architecture & Design

We design exquisite buildings that integrate seamlessly into the natural landscape.


We prioritise smart, sustainable design to create energy-efficient buildings that minimise any environmental impact.


We use cutting-edge technologies in construction, such as 3D printing and digital robotic prefabrication.